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106 West 2nd Street
Elmhurst, IL, 60126


Set in downtown Elmhurst, hazyl boutique is a full on styling experience for women.  Let us help you express yourself through clothing, jewelry, and shoes.

Seasonal Mood

Seasonal Moods

Spring Awakening




Faux furs, fuzzy scarfs, and fancy jewels! What an dreamy winter aesthetic.

Get cozy and prepare for the new year with a refreshed wardrobe. Pops of bright colors make for a new bold look.



Everything about fall makes me smile and itโ€™s finally starting to feel like it๐Ÿ‚ 

The weather, the colors, and best of all the fashion.

The change of season is always a good reason to reevaluate ones wardrobe itโ€™s the season of boots, lush textures and our undying love of layering

Chunky sweaters and textures make the material so yummy ๐Ÿ˜‹ 

Denim in olives and cinnamons like the changing ๐Ÿ leaves.

Camel color coats and cardigans that will be your staple for those brisk walks to the office or casual weekend jaunts ...... so go outside and enjoy the scenery before it suddenly so cold we canโ€™t feel our toes ๐Ÿ‘ฃ.



Summer lovin'

Oh how we love summer.

As we jump into it with both feet all in, as if  throwing ourselves from a rope swing into the crisp lake waters.

Summer brings uplifting, colorful and fun-filled clothing. 

It's a kaleidoscope of colors filled with the softest pastels to the brightest of reds. Show your shoulders, maybe a hint of your sun-kissed back and yes your toes. Cover yourself with fringe, frayed and tasseled embellishments that adorn all tops and bottoms.

The 80's have made an entrance into our summer style scene. From the movement of the higher rise denim to the lower hem-lined dresses. Prints on prints whats not to love!!

Coming out of our long winter we can dig our toes in the grass and dress ourselves happy!


Remember when you would open a fresh box of crayons and you saw all the color?

So many you didn't know where to start? What color to pick?

That is what Spring feels like for 2018 - The fresh pieces of Spring will delight you.  

A sorbet of colored tops and dresses to make you feel happyFloral prints surround you as if you are walking though a garden. Bohemian prints inspire and make you take on that gypsy spirit.

Spring denim takes on a personality of it's own. It's adventurous, deconstructed and flirty.

Caught in the details of fringe, tassels and embroidery.  

The cheerful accessories, to brighten up any outfit and make you feel joyful. Your feet will be feeling ahhhhhmazing when they slip into our sporty slides . The character and colors of shoes will not disappoint, and are sure to brighten up any gray mood.

So what are you waiting for? ......... Grab your crayons and feel the energy of Spring!



Falls chill is in the air, and November nights fall fast. It's time to welcome the layers, grab the mittens and hats and throw on that jacket. Cozy comfort wear is what we gravitate towards as our sunlit days grow shorter. Hints of fur line our jackets, sweaters, boots, and top off our hats.

Splash the jewel toned colors and prints in your wardrobe to keep it alive.

Cover your legs in stylish pleather, suede, and coated denim.

Chunky and textured knits keep us warm and ready for the November frost.

Find that moment in your day to "just be" and welcome the season of gratefulness.



Winds are shifting and the temperature is dropping.  With thechange in the air, remember to switch up your wardrobe too! A new season is always inviting.

Welcome the new season with crushed velvets and soft chenilles.  Watch for deep shades of burgundy and olive denim, inspired by changes in the leaves.  Wrap for warmth and comfort in scarfs and sweaters. Refresh your accessories; try adding feathers, fringe, and layers of delicate chain. 

The month will go fast, so spend some time outside while the weather allows.  Layer on a light coat, pull on a pair of distressed boots, and consider a day at an apple orchard or pumpkin farm!



Reluctant to leave the summer behind? Don't be. There is plenty ahead to celebrate. Soft suedes and embroidered florals will ease you into the new season. Roomy sweaters and short boots will pair well with cooler nights coming ahead. Flip your wardrobe to match the changing trees, adding accents of army green and merlot.  Enjoy denim with fringe, raw edges, and cuffs. Get ready to make a go-to jacket your favorite. Until then, give summer a proper send off, and make the most of these long days.


Soak in the last month of summer. Enjoy the flavors. Linger in your favorite sundress or breezy tank. Embrace the heat and humidity. Ponder your summer bucket list, and hit up the must dos.  Walk through the grass barefoot.  Dig your toes in the sand. Wear out your flip-flops and denim shorts now; before long, the excitement of a new season will be full of change.


Rejuvenate your soul this July. Spend time on rooftops, front stoops, and at lake houses. Let the summer breezes transcend your style. Think exposed shoulders, flip-flops and white denim. Bring on sun-kissed skin, popsicle colors, and bare toes. Pick flowers in bloom. Run through your sprinkler. Wave a sparkler. July goes fast, so make time to enjoy it while you can.



June is a month to celebrate. It's the end of the school year for some and the beginning of a long awaited summer for others. In June we shake up our routine and soak in the sun. We get to start planning vacations and hit up our favorite festivals. Maybe you break out the white denim? Others will chill on a rooftop deck with a glass of wine. Now is the time to expose our shoulders, bare our legs, and paint our toes-all with splashes of colors, tassels, poms and fringe.